Continuous Track Lifter

Continuous Track Lifter

Harsco Rail’s Continuous Track Lifter (CTL) completes the initial lifts required behind track construction, ballast cleaning, and track renewal operations. After the track is flooded with fresh ballast the CTL can provide a 100+ mm lift at 3 km/h. A chain drawn below the sleepers distributes the ballast across the sleeper beds and cribs. This low maintenance machine is typically towed behind the last ballast wagon to complete the initial lift immediately behind the ballast train.

Use of the CTL speeds up the ballasting and surfacing operations which allows work ahead of the CTL to continue longer to better utilize track possession time.


  • Operating speed up to 3 mph (4.8 km/h) (intended to be hauled as the last wagon in a ballast train, at ballast dumping speed)
  • A stainless steel 660 gal. (2500 liters) water tank and spray feed is included for the rail/roller interface cooling and dust suppression

Key Specifications:

18,700 mm
Working Speed
3 km/h supplied by locomotive
PLC control system
Provided for the roller clamp assembly
Roller clamp assembly includes
Four hydraulic cylinders, each controlled by a proportional valve
Engineer to Order
Machines are designed to meet the customer’s specifications

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